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If you would like to donate any philatelic titles, the NPS Library Team would be very pleased to hear from you via email  


"What's New in the Library" seeks to give an idea of the wide range of subjects covered by philately and philatelic literature, as well as highlighting recent additions to the NPS Library.

The books listed here appeared in previous releases of "New In the Library" and are only are only a small proportion of the philatelic books contained in the NPS Library - to search and browse the listings of over 5,000 philatelic books, plus a wide range of philatelic journals from around the world, click here to visit the NPS Library Books and Periodicals Search Page.

The Estonian Philatelist. Edited by Pekka Erelt. 224 pages, card cover. A most useful handbook on various aspects of Estonian philately. Well illustrated. Text partly in English.

Krause Publications/Minkus Stamps Catalogue of U.S.A.Stamps. Edited by Maurice D. Wozniak, published by Krause Publications, Iola, USA. 312 pages, card cover. This is a mini version of the Standard Catalogue of US Stamps and it not only lists all the over 5000 stamps issued by the USA since 1847, but also provides approximate prices. There are clear illustrations of all the stamps listed, which will assist identification.

British Stamps Used Abroad by I J Bernstein and Chas.Nissen, published by Harry Hayes. 48 pages, card cover. Reprinted in 1987. Mr. Hayes has generously donated a copy of this book to the NPS Library. The contents were originally published as a series of articles in Gibbons Stamp Weekly 1907-1909. Well illustrated with numerous cancels and contains much useful data for many countries. A mine of information.

Europa Thematic Stamp Catalogue - Post Europe 3rd edition 2002. Published by Domfil, Barcelona, Spain 400 pages. Lists approximately 2950 stamps. Text in Spanish/English.  

The Early Postal History of Saudi Arabia, a Handbook and Valuation Guide by Jakob von Uexhull. Published by Sahara Publications Ltd, London.100 pages, hardback. Limited edition of 450 signed and numbered copies. Essential for all collectors of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Railways and Military mail. It is profusely illustrated and contains 1,400 valuations, on and off cover. There are many scarce postal markings and much information not previously published. Early Saudi Arabian philately is featured including pre-stamp mail; the Egyptian Post Office in Jeddah; the Ottoman Post Offices, military mail and censorship; the Hejaz Railway, including revenues, donation receipts and postcards; Fee Paid markings; Hashemite Government overprints; The Philby Correspondence and the French Military Mission.

Finnish Fieldpost 1939-1945 by Les Freestone and Eric Keefe. Published by the Scandinavia Philatelic Society. This book is of special interest to collectors of Finnish military postal history of World War 2. The text is based on an extensive series of articles which appeared in the "Scandinavian Contact Magazine" which were published over a long period, but this information has been supplemented with a considerable amount of new material including data on the stamps and postal history of Eastern Karelia, plus the foreign volunteers who fought in Finland and Russia, and the German fieldpost in Lapland. In addition there is an extensive glossary of Finnish fieldpost and military terms and abbreviations, with their English equivalents.

Pigeon Mail Through History by Salvator Bofarall. Published by Stuart Rossiter Trust, 168 pages, card cover. The ten chapters cover Pigeon Post in the Ancient World including Egypt, Greece, Etruria, Rome, Persia, India, Gengis Khan's Empire and China, through all the ages to the Post War period of the second World War, including the criminal use of pigeons in Germany 1918, A superbly researched effort, full of interesting data. Includes many illustrations, a 5-page index of Geographical names and a Bibliography that extends to 6 pages.
Great Britain Road Tax Discs 1921/2000 by R H Champion, E J Hutchings and M Brice. Published by The Revenue Society of Great Britain. 20 pages with some colour illustrations. This is a rarely mentioned aspect of British Revenues and will interest the growing number of collectors interested in this form of taxation.

The Q.E.II Waterlow "Castle" High Values 1955/8. The Q.E.II Waterlow "Castle" High Values 1955/8. This is addendum I, by John Gillham and Alan Tregurtha, to Gerry Bater and The Lord Spens Waterlow Study Papers. Published by G.B. Overprint Society in March 2001. 28 pages, car d cover. Contains new updates and corrections of minor errors and omissions in the original valuable study Re-entries and major varieties are included and there are consolidated listings of re--entries and 'stamp' varieties for each value. Bahrain overprints are also included.

L'Academie de Philaletee de Belgique a 25 years (1996 - 1991). 140 pages, card cover. Pen portraits of leading philatelists.

The Postage Meters and Postpaid Machine Stamps of China by Richard Stambraugh. Published by China Stamp Society, Iowa, USA. 82 pages, card cover, illustrated.

The Stampless Airmail Lettercards and Air Letters used by South African Troops 1941/5 by Tom Mullins. Published by The Philatelic Federation of South Africa, 16 pages, paperback A useful guide to mailing facilities used by South African troops during World War II.

West Africa Post Office Impression Book by Philip Beale FRPSL, Jeremy Martin FRPSL and Frank Walton FRPSL. Published by West Africa Study Circle. 74 pages, paperback. Records and illustrates steel and brass impressions of postmarks and postal markings used in West Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries up to 1962, with an alphabetical list of places.

West Africa GPO Postal Notices of the 19th Century by Philip Beale FRPSL and Frank Walton FRPSL. Published by West Africa Study Circle, 254 pages hardback. Reproduces a vast number of Postal Notices published by the GPO in the 19th century relating to postal services in the area formerly known as British West Africa, namely Gambia, Gold Coast, Nigeria Region and Sierra Leone, plus Ascension and St Helena. A few British Postal Agencies are included for Madeira, Tenerife, St Vincent (Cape Verde Island) and Fernando Po, where information is available. This book is full of useful data.

Ferrocarriles - Railways - Chemins de Fer - Eisenbahn - Ferrovie. Published by Domfi/Grupo Afinsa of Spain. 768 pages. A thematic catalogue of railway stamps in Spanish/English, listing 13,835 stamps of nearly 6000 sets, in full colour, listed by country and year. Numbering of each item includes Domfil system, also Yvert et Teller, Scott, Michel and Unificato.  <B>Ferrocarriles - Railways - Chemins de Fer - Eisenbahn - Ferrovie. </B>

British Virgin Islands 1787-2001- Specialised Stamp Catalogue. Edited by Dr Giorgio Migliavacca. Published by The BVI Philatelic Society, Tortola, B.V.I. 312 pages, hardback. 16 colour plates, maps and over 1200 illustrations. 5000 prices. This new catalogue also includes Postal History, Postmarks, cancellations, Postal Stationery and Aerogrammes. The book contains a large number of detailed illustrations of positional and plate flaws, including new discoveries and scholarly researched information about every facet of BVI philately. Many illustrations have never previously been published including rarities from the Royal Collection, the British Library Philatelic Collections, Crown Agents Archives and a Private Collection of major rarities.

The Work of Jean de Sperati II by the late Robson Lowe and Carl Walske. Published by The Royal Philatelic Society. 218 pages, with 4 full-page colour plates, hardback. Robson Lowe was the author of The Work of Jean de Sperati, which was published by the B.P.A. in 1955. From 1961 until shortly before his death in 1997 Robson Lowe worked with Carl Walske to describe the "new" Sperati forgeries and these are now published, in almost every case for the first time, in chapter 1, with enlarged illustrations of no fewer than 102 'Album Weeds' which were not described in the Sperati I volume. In addition there are 23 cancellations, 33 company cachets and some wax seals. There is an interesting biography of Jean de Sperati and the descriptions of how the reproductions were made. The appendices are devoted to more data about Sperati's life, further information on the material now held by the Musee de la Poste, Paris and basic tests used to detect Sperati forgeries.

A Comprehensive Illustration of Covers with Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps (1932-1933) by David Lu. Published by The China Stamp Society, Inc. 256 pages, softback. The Sinkiang provisional Airmail issue of 1932-33 arose when, because of a shortage of airmail stamps, the local Director General of the Provincial Post Office of Sinkiang authorised the overprinting of Junk and Reaper stamps by means of a wooden chop denoting the Chinese characters for 'Air Mail'. The book contains many colour illustrations of these stamps on cover, which have long been a source of interest to China collectors. In Chinese and English. Sinkiang

Czechoslovakia Revenues by John Barefoot First edition 56 pages A4. Published by J.Barefoot Ltd, York. Contains much information which is not available elsewhere. The book is one of a series of standard Revenue catalogues published by Barefoot Ltd.

Encyclopedia of Jamaica Philately (including Postal History and Postcards) - Volume 6 GB stamps used in Jamaica. Edited by Derek Sutcliffe and Steve Jarvis. Published by BWI Study Circle. Over 260 pages plus appendix 1-6 and provision for recording revisions. Loose-leaf format. This is the latest in a series of 11 volumes that will contain an immense amount of essential data, for specialist collectors of Jamaica. Volume 6 includes sections on the stamps utilised, usage for international mails, obliterators used at post towns, a huge selection of illustrations showing postmarks and covers, a list of Packet companies and ships, and Jamaica Post Offices 1858 -1861

Guide to the Postcard Cachets of Land's End by John D.B. Owen Published by the Author. 2nd edition, 60 pages, plastic spiral bound. This is the centenary year of the first known Land's End cachet so the author decided to publish a revised second edition of this interesting little book, which lists the Owners and Tenants of the First & Last House in England at Land's End, where the cachets originated. All the cachets are illustrated and priced.


Sarawak - The De La Rue Story by Neville Watterson FRPSL. Published by Brock Publications 249 pages hardback. The Preface states that "this is not a book about the philately of the stamps of Sarawak but it contains much that bears on the stamps of Sarawak". This is a reference book primarily about the contribution of De La Rue in printing the stamps of Sarawak between 1888 and 1924. It is about De La Rue, their methods and their development during this period.

Collect Falkland Stamps first edition. Published by Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Card cover. This is a useful checklist that not only covers the Falkland Islands, but also the F.I. Dependencies, British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Collect Ships on Stamps. 3rd edition 2001. Published by Stanley Gibbons Ltd. Card cover, 422 pages. A thematic catalogue with many illustrations.

The Monograph Characteristics of Cliches of Dragon Stamps of China 1878-1885. 184 pages, hardback. In Chinese and English.

Czechoslovak Postage Stamps and their Counterfeits 1915-1939, by Jan Karasek.
Czechoslovak Postage Stamps and their Counterfeits 1915-1939

230 pages, hardback. In Czech and English, well illustrated.

The Postal History of the Gold Coast by Edward B. Proud. Published by Postal History Publications Co. 523 pages. The book starts (as with all Proud Bailey publications) with a general history of the area, followed by postal history from British colonisation. There are many illustrations of postmarks, detailed timetables, and tables of rates and routes. Also included are many reproductions of contemporary postcards, illustrations of Post Offices and other buildings, and of postal staff about their duties. There are also good illustrations of stamped covers and postal stationary items, (some in colour). Railway TPOs are also included.

The Postal History of Nigeria by Edward B. Proud, published by Proud Bailey Co. Ltd. 588 pages. The first chapter is a general history of the colony, followed by the postal history from 1832. This mammoth volume is copiously illustrated with postmarks, rate and route tables, illustrations of Post Office and government buildings, and people going about their business. Many of the covers and cards illustrated are in colour. Chapters on TPOs and the British Cameroons are also included.

Low Number Suburban Ovals by John Parmenter. Published by the author in conjunction with the London Postal History Group. 32 pages, card cover. This is a priced catalogue based on collecting these postmarks on loose stamps and claims to be the first catalogue of this type to deal only with rarity and price of these cancellations on loose stamps. Exceptionally clear reproductions of over 150 oval postmarks.

Sierra Leone King George VI Definitive Stamps by Frank Walton FRPSL. Published by The West Africa Study Circle. 90 pages, hardback. A4 format. Contains much useful detailed information about this set of 15 stamps, which was first issued in 1938 with values ranging from ½d to £1 and subsequent printings. There are chapters on the invitations to tender for the printing, and the stamp design; the sheet format; plate varieties; printings by requisition and value; specimens, the properties of the stamps such as paper, gum, watermark, perforation and shades. Then there is a 10 page chapter on postmarks which includes 4 pages of actual postmarks in colour reproductions of a varied selection of stamp values. Finally there are 7 pages devoted to postal rates, with illustrations of appropriate airmail covers.

Accurate Explanation of Korean Stamps - Vol. II. 192 pages, card cover. In Korean.

Propaganda Con i Denti by Fabio Bonacina.
Propaganda Con i Denti

Published by Vaccari s.r.l., Italy 280 pages, card cover. Stamps issued in support of propaganda, peace and other causes, with many illustrations. In Italian.

Cayman Is., Gambia, St Helena, Seychelles King Edward VII Postage-Key-type-issue, the dented frame variety, by Richard Maisel and James Podger. Published in 'The London Philatelist' by The Royal Philatelic Society, London 14 pages, plastic cover

Filateli Indonesia de Tahun 1990. 22 pages, card cover. In Indonesian.

History of Hungarian Postal Administration & Field Post. In Hungarian.

The Plate flaws of the Large Hermes Heads of Greece 1861/6 by Nicholas Asimakopulos M D. Published by the Library of the Hellenic Philatelic Society of America in 1995

La Via d'Auguista per la Via Bassano. 178 pages. Hardback. Published by Universitano de Architecture de Venezia.

Japanese Stamp Colour Guide - "Old Koban"' series. Loose leaf in English and Japanese.

The Development of Communications in Greece (1821-1998) and the Telegram by Angekis C. Papaioanamore. Hardback, 262 pages.

1866 La Liberazione del Veneto. Vol.1 Collezione e Catalogo. Vol. 2 Storia e Storia Postale. Published by Vaccari. Hardback, 406 pages and 268 pages respectively. In Italian. Many colour illustrations.

Manual de los Sellos de Espana 1939-50, by Al Varo Martinez-Pinna. Published by Edifil S.A. Nine volumes in hardback with 200-300 pages per volume. In Spanish.

Christmas Cards for the Collector by Arthur Blair. 120 pages hardback.

Edition du Catalogue Ceres Colonies Francaise. In colour. 2 volumes of 480 pages and 232 pages covering French Colonies, Andorra. Monaco, Sarre and Departments du Territories d'Outre-Mer.

The Ottoman Field Post Offices Palestine (1914-1918). The Alexander Collection. Published by The Oriental Philatelic Association of London and the Holyland Philatelic Society with the participation of the History Foundation of Turkey.

The Ottoman Field Post Offices Palestine (1914-1918)

120 pages, card cover. Very little information has previously appeared in print on the subject matter of this book, which is based on The Alexander Collection and endeavours to rectify this omission. It includes many illustrations in colour. In Turkish and English.

Complete List of Sailings of Trans--Pacific Contract Mail Steamers Carrying New Zealand Marine Post Offices between 1923 and 1938. Compiled by K.J McNaught in 1964. Republished by Postal History Society of New Zealand, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Edited by Keith A. Griffiths FRPSNZ and sponsored by David Holmes Philatelist Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand. 21 pages, plastic cover, with illustrations. This reprint was prepared as a celebration for the New Millennium and was given to members of the Society during the year 2000.

Nevis by Federico Borromeo, published by The British West Indies Study Circle. 40 pages, Well illustrated in colour. This is not a comprehensive handbook but attempts to share more widely the treasures that can be found within BWI philately.

Airmails of Trinidad & Tobago by Ron Wike. Published by The British West Indies Study Circle. 224 pages A4 format. Published in 2000, this book has received a prestigious award from the American Air Mail Society

Selected Philatelic Essays in China by Meiso Mazuhara. Published in 1998 in China. 110 pages, card cover. Illustrated. In Chinese.

Marche da Bollo Italiane 1863-1957 Catalogue. Published 1998 by Vaccari s.r.l - Vignola (MO), Italy. 456 pages, card cover, illustrated. In Italian.

I Servizi Postali Dei Medici Dal 1500 AC 1737 by Sergio Chieppi. Published by Sergio Editoriale, Fiesalano, Fiesole, Italy. Illustrated. In Italian.

Os Correos Do Algarvo Na Epoca Pro--Adesir by Luis Frazao. 36 pages, cardcover, illustrated. Published 1996 by Associacao Filatelica Alentigo, Algarve, Portugal. In Portuguese.

Timbre The Colours of the Issues (Italian) of 1855-1863  by Paolo Vaccari. Published by Editzione Vaccari s.a s Vignola (MO), Italy; 114 pages, hardback. Limited edition of 50 copies in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German).

Cartas Sin Timbre. Published by Museo de Filatelica de Oaxaca A.C, Mexico. 60 pages, card cover. Includes colour illustrations of seventy pre-stamp Mexican covers. In Spanish.

Poczta W Siedlcach l817-1997 (The Postmarks of Siedlcach) by Aleksander Haraburda. 320 pages, card cover. Describes and illustrates all known postmarks. In Polish.

Philatelia 2000 Ars Frimarks. Editions I and II by Rolf Burstroft. Specialised catalogues. Edition I and II cover Sweden, Norway. Denmark, Faroes and Greenland stamps issued 1855-1999 Edition III covers Iceland Finland, Aaland, Estland, Latvia and Lithuania, to 1990/1. In Swedish.

Historia Postal da Cidade do Porto NA Era Pre-Adesia, parts 1 & 2 by Luis Frazao. Published by Clube Naccional de Filatelia, Oporto. Portugal. 60 and 80 pages, card cover. In Portuguese.

Republic of Taiwan, Postal History and Postage Stamps by Ming-Liang Lee, published in Taiwan by The Tiger Publishing Co. 504 pages, hardback. Well illustrated. Text in English and Chinese.

Stille Nacht. A listing of worldwide Christmas stamps, 192 pages, hardback.

Philatelic Handbook of 100 Subjects for the Thematic Collector by Japan Philatelic Society Foundation, Tokio, Japan 1997. 312 pages, card cover. In Japanese.

Historico Historico de las Communicaciones en Espana 1700-1998 Atlas Historico de las Communicaciones en Espana 1700-1998 by A. Mero, G. Lorente & L. Carrajal, 308 pages, hardback. Wide selection of old maps reproduced in colour. In Spanish.

The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity (1837 - 1864, based on Sir Rowland Hill's Journal and ancillary papers). By Gavin Fryer FRPSL and Clive Akerman FRPSL. Published by RPSL. 1300 pages (2 volumes). Rowland Hill kept a daily journal from 1839 to 1869, with a gap from March 1843 to 1846. This magnificent work is a reprint of these journals, together with many colour plates, illustrations, a glossary, and bibliographical information on the major figures Hill was involved with in the development of the Post Office. Also reprinted is the 'Post Office Reform' pamphlet of 1837.

There is a detailed editorial introduction where the authors examine the Penny postage campaign, the parliamentary proceedings and the personality of Hill the man. Sir Rowland seems to have had three major personality traits. He was obsessive and confrontational, caring about the Post Office staff, and paranoid. This latter, negative side, led to his eventual hatred of Col. Maberly, and various Chancellors and Post Master Generals. The authors have undertaken considerable research, on both the postal system and, as the title states, the economic and social activity of the times.

The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia by Edward B. Proud, published by Proud-Bailey Co. Ltd. 623 pages. As with other publications in this series, Chapter 1 is a brief history of the country. This goes back to 947 AD, but (for lack of any other information), concentrates on the activities of Cecil Rhodes, and British Colonization from 1880. In the subsequent chapters, there follows a wealth of information on postal rates, routes, cancellations, and correspondence. Cancellations, slogan postmarks, and anecdotal letters form a major part of the book.

The Postal History of Northern Rhodesia by Edward B. Proud, published by Postal History publications Co. 376 pages. Chapter 1 gives a general history of the area, but inevitably, concentrates on the rivalry and conflicts between the European powers in the 19th Century; in this case Great Britain and Portugal. The bulk of the book lists much information on mail routes, timetables, and postmarks, with many maps. There are many prints of Zambian life, and a wealth of machine cancellations in use to independence.

The Postal History of Nyasaland by Edward B. Proud, published by Postal History publications Co. 336 pages. A general history of the territory, followed by a postal history from 1891. Much reproduction of Postal Regulations and postmarks. Postal rates and Airmails are all included.

Malta The Postal History of Malta by Edward B. Proud, published by Proud-Bailey Publications. 320 pages. The book starts with a general history of Malta from earliest times to independence in 1964. Then follow chapters on postal history, postal rates, Post Offices and postmarks, and finally a checklist of British stamps issued in Malta from 1857 to 1884. There are many illustrations, including post offices, personalities, postmarks, and documents.

The Postal History of Gibraltar by Richard J. C. Garcia and Edward B. Proud, published by Postal History Publications Co. 592 pages. The first chapter is a general history of the colony, followed by a long, detailed chapter on the postal history under various administrations from 1705. A wealth of information is included, such as routing of letters to and from Gibraltar, details of the contracts with carriers and shipping companies, Post Office personnel, and arrangements for the military, to pick a few. Postal rates and markings are covered in the third and fourth chapters, with many illustrations and tables. A final chapter lists British stamps used in Gibraltar in the Victorian period.

The Postal History of Cyprus by Edward B. Proud, published by Postal History Publications Co. 688 pages. The first chapter is a history of the island from the Bronze Age to independence in 1960. There follows a chapter on the general postal history of the island, with the usual tables, routes and details of contracts with carriers. Chapter three gives details of the development of rural post offices, generously illustrated with maps of the areas and routes. The postal rates and routes chapters are detailed and well illustrated with tables and markings. A final chapter lists railway and ship TPO's, with illustrations of their markings.
Anaesthesia A History of Anaesthesia Through Postage Stamps  by Alistair McKenzie. Published by Maclean Dubois, Hillend House, Hillend, Edinburgh. 148 pages, card cover. The author is a practising physician anaesthetist at a leading hospital in Scotland and has used his professional experience to trace the history of his profession as seen on various postage stamps from various parts of the world. Well illustrated with numerous black and white stamp reproductions, this book should interest and fascinate the layman as well as the medical fraternity.

Deutsche Lufthansa - South Atlantic Airmail Service 1934/39 by James W. Graue & John Duggan. Published by the Zeppelin Study Group. 236 pages, card cover. This book is packed full of information for airmail enthusiasts interested in the development of the South Atlantic Air Bridge by Flying Boats, Seaplanes, and Zeppelin Airships. There are numerous photographs of flown covers, which illustrate the many achievements of this pioneer service and of the various aircraft and airships used on the service, in addition to special postmarks and publicity posters.

Paquebot Cancellations of the World by Roger Hosking. Published by Cavendish Philatelic Auction Ltd. 352 pages, card cover. This is a completely updated third edition of this title. It is a mine of information for the postal historian and those interested in the handling of mail from seagoing vessels, tracing the origins of the service. There are over 4000 illustrations of a variety of Paquebot markings from around 100 countries worldwide; even little Tristan da Cunha gets an entry. The book includes an 8-page section where a variety of actual covers are illustrated in full colour, sections on Ship Post Offices and an alphabetical Index of Ports.

Gibraltar Errors & Varieties 1885-2000 by R.G.W. Burton. Published by Gibraltar Study Circle. 68 pages, plastic spiral binding. With many illustrations, all in colour, this book for specialists in the stamps of Gibraltar contains a comprehensive listing of the various errors and varieties, which have appeared on the country's stamps over a period of more than a century .

Postal History of Sicily - from its beginnings to the Introduction of Postage Stamps. Published by Guilio Bolaffi. Translated from Italian into English by Toy. A Dehn. 686 pages, hardback in case. The main study is devoted to the history of the Sicilian post under the Bourbons, up until the introduction of postage stamps on 1 January 1859. Full of little known facts and colour illustrations.

New Technology for Stamp Collectors by Ron Negus. 16 pages. Number 7 in the produced by the British Philatelic Bulletin, this booklet is packed full of useful information for philatelists planning to use new technology for their collections.

Auction Catalogue for Spink Sale of Strait Settlements 1624-1857. Postal History and stamp material offered for sale on 26 June 2000 in Singapore.

Civil War Civil War Patriotic Covers Postally Used. As featured in the auction of Prof. Jon F. Bishel's collection sold by Nutmeg Stamp Auctions of Danbury USA on 21-23 June 2000. 384 pages, over 6000 lots. Profusely illustrated in colour

Subasta Filatelica Gran Collection Argentina. A sale of Argentinian Postal History sold by Grupo Afinsa. Many colour illustrations. Text in English & Spanish. 562 pages hardback.

Nutmeg Stamp Sales Catalogue for Dr Arthur Groten's "Via Palestine". This 837 lot sale was held 13 April 1999.
Also Nutmeg Civil War Sale of over 400 lots, auctioned 14 April 1999.

"Cameo" Cumulative Index 1975- 2000. 50 pages, size A4. The West Africa Study Circle have published this cumulative index to their Journal "'Cameo".

Facit Postal VI Published by Facit Forlags A.B., Stockholm, Sweden. A catalogue of Swedish postmarks, experimental cancellations, railway and steamship mail, temporary Post Offices and postal labels etc.

Bolaffi Catalogo delle Affracat. Miste del Risorgimento. Published by Guilio Bolaffi Fditore, Torino, Italy. In Italian.

Sale catalogue of Classic Switzerland. 210 pages, hardback. This catalogue for the 122nd Corinphila Stamp Auction held on 12/10/2000, comprising the "Bellevue" collection and the "Bourbaki" Red Cross Collection.. Well illustrated in colour

100 Anni de Auguri. 126 pages hardback. Colour illustrations of almanacs issued by the Italian Post Office 1871-1939. Text in Italian.

Os Selos Nativos da India Portuguesa - Breves Consideracoes by Joaquin Leole. 160 pages, card cover by Joaquin Leole. Published 1997 by Clube National de Filatelica, Portugal. 62 pages, card cover. Text in Portuguese and English.

The Revenue Stamps of Iraq by Joe Ross and John Powell. Published by Joe Ross, Elverta, CA, USA. 86 pages, comb binding.

Hong Kong - the 1898 l0c on 30c Provisional Issue by Alfred M. Chu. Published by the Author 92 pages, card cover.

Airmail Routes and Rates in South America 1928 - 1940 by Dr Mario D. Kurchan. Published 1999 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 144 pages, card cover.

Remarkable! On Stamps, Postcards & Collecting. Postal Museum Publication No. 46. By Pia Backstrom, Marianne Larsson & Bjorn Sylwan. Published by Postmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden. 76 pages, card cover Describes the Swedish Postal Museum's standing exhibition "Remarkable!", which was created to spread knowledge about the world of stamps and stamp collecting, and to inspire visitors to the Museum to begin collecting. A tribute is also paid to another popular collecting item - the postcard. Well-illustrated and easy to read. In English.

Postryttaren. 188 pages, hard-back. A new book in Swedish by a number of contributors who have written chapters on the ill-fated liner "Titanic", plus other chapters on various aspects of Swedish philately.

Denmark Provisionals 1904 - 1912 - 1915 by Lass Nielsen and Henry Regeling. Published in 1997 by Kjobenhauns Philatelist Klub, Kobenhavn, Denmark. 132 pages in English and Danish. Describes the provisional made by overprinting 3 different Danish stamp issues, namely the bi-coloured issue, the coat of arms issued and the service stamp issue.

Cancelled by Perkins Bacon by Peter Jaffe. Published in 1998 by Spink & Son Ltd., London. 90 pages hardback. Tells how the unauthorised giving-away of 450 stamps obliterated with the word "Cancelled" by Perkins Bacon resulted in the firm losing the contract to print stamps for the Post Office. A fascinating story meticulously researched and full of interest. Includes many illustrations in colour.

Ottoman The Ottoman Posts and Telegraph offices in Palestine and Sinai by Norman Collier FRPSL and Anton Steichele. Published by Sahara Publishing Ltd., London. 242 pages. Claimed to be the most comprehensive work on the postal history of the Ottoman period of Palestine and Sinai. Illustrates all known postal seals and marks, registration on A.R. cachets, registered labels, official correspondence seals, and censor marks. Also Ottoman field postal seals and postmarks, plus field telegraph seals used in Palestine / Sinai. Forged seals and postmarks, plus bogus postmarks are also included. Many black and white illustrations.

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