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Updated 14 July 2022                             


The current issue of Stamp Lover - June 2022

  • Fascinating Stories of the World - Briti Deb shows how fables from across the world have been portrayed on stamps.

  • Lithuania, the first 90 days - Part Three of David J. Freestone's history looks at the Second Kaunus Issue.
  • Canada's Semi-Official Flights - Alan Spencer gives the history of the Jack V. Elliot Air Service that began in March 1926 to serve the Red Lake goldfields.
  • New Issues - Some stamps marking HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and a report on stamps from Poland and Austria showing solditary with Ukraine following the Rissian invasion.

  • Meeting Reports - Full reports on the on-line display "How the German Post Office dealt with Hyperinflation" given Robert Mott on 8 April 2022  and the President's Display "The Crown Colony of Aden" givenm by Michael R Thompson at the Phoenix Centre on Saturday 14 May 2022.
  • Book Reviews - Detailed and informative reviews are a regular feature of the magazine. In this issue we look at Postal Stationery from Congo and Ruanda-Urundi 2021 ed by Yves Winand and Stanley Gibbons Collect Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps (31st combined edition 2022)

  • Newsmix - This news round-up contains an Obituary of Frank Leslie Walton,, RDP, FRPSL and a Shortlist of the books entered for the Crawford Medal.


    • The President's Piece, Message from the Editor
    • Letters to the Editor
    • NPS News     
    • Stamp Fairs Listing -  late May, June & July 2022.


Getting back to normal - First Live auction since lockdown

Our March meeting in London featured a live auction for the first time since lockdown, and its success means it will be repeated at our May and July meetings. John Casanova acted as auctioneer, backed by a team of volunteers to sort out the paperwork and settle up. The auctions are on a “bring and bid “ basis and only open to members who attend on the day. Vendors bring in their lots suitably listed and marked up for viewing by would be bidders. Any unsold lots are taken home by the vendors. An auction working party is working to re-instate our room and postal auctions in the autumn and in the meantime, catalogues for a  separate postal only auction are being distributed with the April Stamp Lover. Commission charged to vendors in both room and postal auctions has been cut from 15% to 10%, as we hope more members will participate.

The display following the auction  was to have been” City of Goslar” by Frank Simpson but he decided not to take part due to health reasons. Instead, Michael L. Goodman displayed “classic USA and postal history” including Revenues, Newspaper and Official stamps, and  international mail which was subject to postage due or redirected.  One of the star items was a  cover sent from the USA to Ireland  and returned with the message *Gone to America”.  It is part of the story of mass immigration from Ireland in the wake of the Great Famine

Johnson wins Johnson award again

The Johnson Award for 2020 has been won by Keith Johnson for his series “Tennyson through philately” published August, October and December 2020 which topped the poll for most popular feature in Stamp Lover in 2020. Keith also won several years ago with a feature on Fanning Island.

Col. E. X. Halliday

The Society has been very saddened to learn that Ted Halliday died on 12 February 2021. For some twenty year the names Ted Halliday and the NPS Library were synonymous and before that Ted had been the National Philatelic Society's Hon General Secretary from 1980 to 1996. Greatly respected, he worked tirelessly for the Society for some forty years. A full obituary will be published in the Society's journal, Stamp Lover.

Can any military experts help?

We have received an enquiry from a military enthusiast seeking to know more about the kit of the infantry men illustrated on this GB PHQ card of the D day issue and wonders if anyone can help.

1. The infantryman in the foreground is carrying a coiled-up rope on his back. Was he a Commando and was the rope for climbing cliffs?

2. What is the white tube in the pack of the soldier on the lower right?

1. The infantryman in the foreground is carrying a coiled-up rope on his back pack. Was he a Commando and was the rope for climbing cliffs?

2. What is the white tube in the pack of the soldier on the lower right?

3. What is the large load on the back of the man on the extreme left . He is bent down and his boot heel is visible above the 25 of 25p.

If you know any of the answers, please let our editor know at
 November 2020

National PS Members' Auctions - Vendors Forms

Members who want to sell material in our forthcoming auctions need to list them on our vendor forms. These can be downloaded from this website by clicking here.  Only NPS members can enter material in the auctions. The minimum lot reserve is £2 and as the auctions are currently postal only, please do not send bulky lots.

2020 Annual General Meeting

Under the Society’s Constitution, the Annual General Meeting is held in June or July each year. However, this has not been possible this year due to the current Coronavirus restrictions and it will now be held within three months of meetings of the Society resuming after the emergency has ended. An amendment to the Constitution to that effect was passed by a virtual Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Society held on 4 July 2020.


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