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(Circulating Packet)

  • Read the Stamp Circulating Packet Rules below

  • If you wish to sell material via the Stamps Packet, follow the steps given in Selling Stamps and provided you are a member of the National PS, send your material to 
      NPS Unit CP,
      37 Dora Road
      Wimbledon Park
      London SW19 7EZ
    Callers regarding Packets by prior arrangement only.
  • If you wish to receive the Packet, print off the Packet Application Form sign it and send it to NPS Unit CP,
    37 Dora Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 7EZ   giving your two references.

  • If you are not a member of the NPS, firstly read "How to Join" and print off the NPS Membership Application Form. Send the completed Membership Form to the National PS with your Circulating Packet Application, but please note that this will not entitle you to start receiving the Packet until such time as your application to join the Society has been processed and accepted by the Council of the National Philatelic Society.


NB.  Members must telephone ahead before posting Packets (see Rule 17). All correspondence, advice forms and booklets or sheets for circulation must be addressed to NPS Unit CP, 37 Dora Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 7EZ
The words "Packet Secretary", "Circulating Packet" or "Philatelic" must NOT appear on the outside of the letter or parcel. (See Rule 7)

  1. The Circulating Packet is available at the sole discretion of the Secretary of the Circulating packet (hereinafter called 'the Packet Secretary') for a member of the National Philatelic Society resident in the UK who is a) 18 years of age or over, on giving two satisfactory references b) under 18 but over 16 years of age, on giving two satisfactory references together with a written undertaking by the member's parent or guardian to be responsible for the carrying out of these rules including the payment of accounts.

  2. It is regretted that

    a) The NPS cannot accept material for sale in the Packet from members living outside the European Union since the Society cannot accept liability for VAT charged on entry into the UK.

    b) Under the Member's Compensation Scheme, the Circulating Packet cannot be sent to members living outside the United Kingdom.

  3. A member of the National Philatelic Society wishing to receive the Circulating Packet shall complete an application form.

  4. In accordance with Data Protection principles, information received in connection with the Packet must not be used for any other purposes. 

  5. The Packet Secretary may, at his sole discretion and without giving any reason, terminate any member's involvement with the Circulating Packet.


  6. a) Stamps shall be mounted

    i) in the Society's special booklets or

    ii) On sheets stapled within one of the Society's special covers available from the NPS office (see Stamp Lover). Such sheets must be uniform in size (i.e. 8" x 5" when folded) with these special covers and not more than 12 pages of stamps may be included in any one cover or

    iii) In similar covers of the same size acceptable to the Packet Secretary.

    b) Every stamp must be securely affixed by means of a NEW hinge and stamps must be mounted on only the right hand page.

    c) Unmounted mint stamps may be included in clear packets affixed to the page by sellotape. If mounting strips are used they must only be of the double welded clasp type.

    d) Net selling prices must be clearly marked in ink above the stamps. If a catalogue price is quoted it must be distinct from the selling price.

    e) The full name of the owner must be filled in on the front of the booklet.

    f) The Packet Secretary has the right to refuse to circulate any booklet which is untidy or contains badly mounted stamps or otherwise does not comply with these rules or which he/she at his sole discretion considers should not be circulated.

    g) The stamps in any booklet shall comprise only

    i) Great Britain or

    ii) Commonwealth or

    iii) Foreign 

    so that the booklet may be included in the appropriate packet.


  7. Booklets for circulation must be addressed to "NPS Unit CP, 37 Dora Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 7EZ . The words "Packet Secretary", "Circulating Packet" or "Philatelic" must NOT appear on the outside of the letter or parcel. 
  8. When sending booklets by post to the Society, a member wishing their receipt to be acknowledged must enclose a separate stamped addressed envelope or postcard for that purpose. If the member concerned changes his/her address or if the booklets are to be returned to an address other than that in the Society's records, the Packet Secretary must be notified in writing.

  9. a) Booklets which have completed a circuit may, at the Packet Secretary's discretion, be included on a second circuit before being returned.

    b) Subject to rule 8, booklets will be returned by the Packet Secretary to the address of the member contained in the Society's records at the date of disbursement. The Society will use its best endeavours to return all booklets to members. However if a member (or a deceased member's heir) cannot be traced the Society may dispose of his/her booklets for the best price reasonably obtainable and hold the proceeds to the account of the member (or his/her estate) for five years, after which date the proceeds will accrue to the Society.

  10. a) The Packet Secretary shall provide facilities for every member to access the �Members Compensation Scheme� for the contents of members� booklets to the limit of �100 per booklet. The Compensation Scheme covers loss by theft, burglary and fire from the time of receipt by an officer of the Society up to and during transit from the Society to the vendor, including during circulation to members, and includes loss in the postal system during this period. The Scheme DOES NOT COVER LOSS BEFORE RECEIPT BY THE SOCIETY OR PILFERING

    b) A member A member wishing to access the Compensation Scheme shall indicate clearly on the cover of each booklet whether or not compensation is required. IF NO INDICATION IS MADE, IT WILL BE TAKEN THAT THE �COMPENSATION SCHEME� IS REQUIRED.

    c) The charge for the �Compensation Scheme� will be 3% of the value of the booklet or sum indicated by the member on the booklet or the current limit indicated in a) above whichever is the greater. The rate percentage charged may change but the new rate will be notified to members before it is implemented


  11. a) A charge of 10% is made on all sales with a minimum charge of 50p for each book. (Subject to variation, after notice).

    b) In addition to the commission and Compensation Scheme charge, postage will be charged at cost to cover return 2nd class postage. Where appropriate books will be returned by Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery post and the  appropriate fee also deducted.

    c) Any sums owing to the Society in respect of a member's involvement in the Circulating Packet may also, at the Packet Secretary's discretion, be deducted from any remittance due to that member.


  12. Each packet should contain:

    a) Booklets - numbered consecutively in the top right hand corner;

    b) A postal list - showing the total number and value of booklets included, the names and addresses or telephone numbers of members to whom the packet is to be circulated, and other details;

    c) Advice forms - for use in notifying the Packet Secretary of the receipt and despatch of the packet, and of the amount of the purchases made;

    d) Gummed and addressed labels - for use when addressing the packet;

    e) A copy of these rules.


  13. Having been advised by telephone that a packet is on its way to you (rule 17), advise the NPS office if the packet does not arrive within one week.

  14. On receipt of a packet the member MUST:
    a) Check the contents of the packet and at once report to the Society if any item listed in Rule 12 is missing and
    b) Check that the number of booklets agrees with the postal list; that all the pages in each booklet are present; and examine all spaces from which stamps have been removed. If any space is found without signature or 
    rubber stamp mark the receiving member must at once report this to the Packet Secretary who will inform the forwarding member (the forwarding member shall be liable for the value of any missing stamp and for the postage incurred): and
    c) Report to the Packet Secretary any wrong description, which comes to his/her notice.


  15. On dealing with a packet a member must:

    a) If he/she purchases any stamp:

    i) When removing any stamp sign his/her name (not initials) or use a rubber name stamp not exceeding � inch in length or breadth in each space from which he/she removes a stamp. (The use of a rubber name stamp greatly facilitates the work of the packet checkers and every member is urged to use one) and

    ii) Fill in the necessary particulars using the appropriate spaces provided in the following documents:
                                         (1) The front cover of the booklet and
                                         (2) The advice form and
                                         (3) The postal list.

    b) If he/she does not purchase any stamps - fill in the necessary particulars on the advice form and the postal list.


  16. A member retaining a packet for more than 72 hours (Sundays and Bank Holidays excepted) shall pay a fine of 5p per day for every excess day he/she retains it.


  17. a) Prior to despatching a packet, telephone the next member on the list to check that they are available to receive the packet.
    b) Confirm on the advice note that the call was made.

  18. a) On despatching 

    18)    a)  On despatching a packet a member must ensure that the booklets are in numerical order, that the packet or bubble bag is securely fastened all round, and is correctly addressed to the member who has been telephoned as being next on the postal list. The packet MUST have an �IF UNDELIVERED LABEL� attached to the back of packet or have written on the back � IF UNDELIVERED RETURN TO NPS Unit CP, 37 Dora Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 7EZ

    b) Either

    i) Hand the packet to the member next on the postal list and obtain from him a receipt on the back of the advice form or

    ii) Post the packet and obtain an appropriate certificate of posting from the Post Office

    c) Within 24 hours post to the Packet Secretary

    i) The completed advice form,

    ii) A certificate of posting if the packet has been sent on by post.

    iii) A remittance to cover any stamps purchased and any fine payable.

    (NB IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY TWO OR MORE PACKETS BE MADE UP INTO ONE PARCEL FOR POSTING. See Rule 22 below. A separate certificate of posting must be obtained from the Post Office for each packet posted. If a loss occurs when two or more packets are sent in the same parcel the forwarding member will be responsible for the full value of the stamps lost.)


  19. A member wishing to discontinue receiving packets (temporarily or permanently) must give six weeks notice to the Packet Secretary so that he/she can arrange for the alteration of the postal list. All changes of address must be notified to the Packet Secretary at once, and again with at least six weeks notice to enable him to alter the postal list. (see Rule 23)

  20. The Packet Secretary will, from time to time, send details to a member of additions, deletions and changes of member(s) address(s) detailed lower on the circulation list. The co-operation of members receiving these details is vital and the note must be returned with the advice form for that packet.

  21. Every effort will be made to effect a resignation by seeking members' help as indicated by Rule 20 above. However, despite a resignation, a (former) member's responsibility remains if a packet is delivered.


  22. (a) A member is responsible for the safety of the packet from the time it is delivered to his/her address to the time he/she either obtains a valid certificate of posting or hands the packet to the next member on the postal list. A member will be required to make good the value of all stamps missing or damaged while he/she is responsible for the safety of the packet. Specifically, if action at "Receipt of Packet" (Rule 14(b) is not taken, the member will be responsible for the full value of the missing items. (NB. Such responsibility extends to all packets sent out by the Packet Secretary before receipt by him/her of notice by the member wishing to discontinue temporarily or permanently receiving packets).

    (b) If a member forwards a packet without obtaining the appropriate certificate of posting and the packet is lost, the member is liable for the full value of the packet. 

    (c) If a packet is lost whilst a member is responsible for its safety, the member is liable for the full value of the packet.

  23. At any one time, over 100 packets may be in circulation. It is impossible for the Packet Secretary to vary or intercept the circulation list for temporary absences of less than four weeks. A member MUST assume packets will arrive and make arrangements for the safe custody of them (e.g. with the local Post Office Sorting Office) during periods of temporary absences of up to four weeks. (NB. If Parcel Post is used, losses, including thefts, are likely to occur as a result of the Post Office leaving parcels outside the doors of flats, etc). Temporary absences of over two weeks MUST be notified to the Packet Secretary.

  24. Members are advised to keep a record of the serial numbers of the packets they have received in case of future queries.


  25. A member shall not allow any other person to have access to any packet except in the presence of the member.

  26. No member shall indicate by any mark that any stamp is a forgery or wrongly described unless he/she also signs his name, thereby undertaking to purchase at the marked price if his opinion is not upheld by an expert. No member shall make any other mark on a booklet in circulation except in accordance with Rule 15.

  27. A member shall settle any account rendered by the Packet Secretary at the earliest possible date after receipt and if such account is not paid within 14 days after receipt, the Packet Secretary shall have the power at his sole discretion to prevent the member receiving further packets until settlement has been made.

  28. Neither the National Philatelic Society nor the Packet Secretary shall be responsible for any member's debts, or for stamps lost or damaged in transit.

  29. In these rules the term "member" wherever it appears shall be deemed to include "life member" unless the context precludes such interpretation.
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Last updated 31st March 2009 

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