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Please read "About the Auction" for information on the general conditions and arrangements governing the Auction.

We regret however that we cannot accept material for sale in the Auction from National PS members living outside the United Kingdom, since the Society cannot accept liability for VAT charged on entry into the UK.

Also please note that our Constitution requires that sellers are members of the National Philatelic Society. That can easily be remedied simply by going to How to Join the National PS  


  • Print-off, complete and sign a Vendor's Form (forms can also be obtained from the National PS Office), having read Notes & Hints - Instructions to Vendors.

  • Send or deliver the completed Vendor's Form and the lots for sale to Michael R Thompson. (NPS), 77 St. Marks Avenue, Northfleet, Gravesend  DA11 9LN.  
    Enclose a SAE if you require an acknowledgement of receipt.

    Please note that postal bids, auction payments or lots for sale in the auction must be sent to the above address. 

  • The Society can accept no responsibility for any material not submitted through the National PS office.

  • The Hon. Auctioneer may refuse at his discretion to accept a lot consisting of common stamps.

  • Unless a reserve price is shown, a lot will automatically have a reserve of £2 placed upon it, if it is suitable for auction.

  • Unsold lots are usually re-offered at the next-but-one sale and are then returned to the vendor if they are then still unsold. If you wish a different procedure to be followed, please give instructions on your Vendor's Form.

  • A charge of 15% commission will be made against the vendor in respect of each lot sold.

  • Your signature on the Vendor's Form signifies acceptance of the Terms & Conditions governing the Auction.

  • Bulky Late Lots may be brought into the sale on the day of the Auction with a completed Vendor's Form. If such late lots are sold, the proceeds, less commission, will be paid out on the day; if they are unsold, late lots must be taken away by the Vendor. Please note that a maximum of 10 bulky late lots can be accommodated at each Auction.

These notes have been prepared to help you sell your lots and, importantly, to help the volunteers who prepare the auction catalogue, number the lots and display them for viewing on the day of the auction. Items are usually put in one sale and if unsold re-offered in the next but one sale and then if still unsold returned to you. We try to take lots in rotation as they are sent in, but limit each vendor to approximately 20 per sale to be fairer to others.

1. PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY. Use block capitals. Much time can be spent by us in deciphering your writing causing delays before presenting lots for sale.

2. USE THE CORRECT FORM. Only NPS Vendor's Forms will be accepted. Print one off or obtain them from the NPS Office. They include the necessary columns for office use. If requesting that Vendors' Forms be sent to you by post, please enclose a SAE to take A4 size paper.

3.COMPLETE THE FORM. Make sure your NAME and ADDRESS and (most importantly) your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and daytime TELEPHONE NUMBER appear on each form


4.1. Name of COUNTRY or HEADING under which you wish the item to be offered for sale. We may change this if we think it will sell better under a different heading.

4.2. DATE of material. This is most important. Include first and last dates on multiple lots. "Early", "Middle" or "Late" is inadequate as it means different things to different people. Any lot without a date will not be offered.

4.3. BRIEF DESCRIPTION so that the lot can easily be identified by everyone. Include the LOWEST and HIGHEST face value of long definitive sets. Single stamps should always have the value, but have the colour stated only if relevant. It should be noted that more than half the auction lots are sold postally from the description. A catalogue number is helpful but not sufficient on its own

4.4. CATALOGUE NUMBER & VALUE. Please use a CURRENT catalogue from S.G. (preferred), Michel, or Scott, and state which one you have used when quoting. Reserves must be in pound sterling.

4.5. CONDITION, as is listed under "abbreviations" in the on-line NPS Auction Catalogue (or on the back of the Bidding Form issued with paper catalogues), and any additional information such as slight tear, heavy postmark, parcel cancel, space filler, c.t.o. etc. etc.

4.6. NUMBER of stamps, covers, post cards or items in lot and how presented such as on stock card, on page or leaves, bag, small stock book, etc. Where many different stamps are presented in one lot use 100+, 1000+, or about 150 etc.

4.7. The minimum reserve for each lot is £2.00. No lots under this value will be accepted. (The time and effort taken to deal with low value lots becomes excessive.) Please combine items so that they attain a reserve of £2.


5.1. Each listed lot must be entirely separate; prepared and ready for viewing. Otherwise damage can easily occur by bending or folding or by old gum sticking lots together.

5.2. As all items are subject to several stages of handling please ensure that they are contained on Hagner type cards or pages. They MUST be contained in clear faced bags or protectors. This applies equally for single covers, which are best backed and stiffened and put in clear-faced bags.

5.3. The MINIMUM SIZE for lots is approximately 75 x 50 mm (3 x 2 inches) even for single stamps. Smaller items easily get mislaid.

5.4. Your reference numbers MUST BE marked on the back of each lot. This gives quick reference identification.

6.RESERVES. Attempt to be realistic with your reserves. Normally you would expect to sell under the price a similar item would appear in dealers' stock, all things being equal. Use the bidding steps i.e. by 20p steps to £5, by 50p to £20, by £1 to £60, by £5 to £100 then by £10 steps. Any not complying will be marked up to conform.

7. RETURN OF UNSOLDS. When vendor's unsold material is returned by post, postage and packing will be charged. Please follow the above guidelines as closely as possible. Mis-described lots and too much deviation from these notes will result in the return of all lots to the vendor.


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Last updated 22nd February 2021

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