Chapter by chapter, it takes the reader through the hobby. There are sections on the emergence of philately, the industry and the philatelic market, all copiously illustrated with graphs and charts. The market is analysed by the age and the purchasing power of collectors and is divided into philatelists, collectors and hoarders. The sections on marketing the products and the attracting of new customers and lapsed collectors are particularly revealing.

The Queen Mother's Centenary - Celebrated in Stamps. By Peter Jennings FRPSL and Tim Graham. Published by Sahara Publications Ltd. 108 pages hardback bound with full colour dustjacket. Tim Graham has recorded with photographs thousands of images of the public role of the Royal Family in more than 100 countries, over a period of nearly 30 years. The book has colour illustrations on almost every page depicting the Queen Mother in her many roles from childhood to her wedding to the Duke of York in 1923, the birth of the Princess Elizabeth In 1926 and her crowning as Queen Consort at the Coronation of her husband His Majesty King George VI in 1937.

British Commonwealth Revenues 6th edition, published May 2000 by J Barefoot Ltd. 270 pages A4 format, illustrated throughout. This catalogue presents in simplified form, all the adhesive revenues of the Commonwealth plus Ireland and some forerunner territories, but excludes Indian States as they are already covered by Koeppel's handbook, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which are listed in Barefoot's "Great Britain Revenues". The details given include watermarks, perforations, colour shades, dates of issue and current prices for used specimens.

Olympia - Fahrt 1936 by John Duggan. Number 6 in the series published by The Zeppelin Study Group. (John Duggan is the author or co-author of all these monographs). 48 pages, card cover. The text is in English and German. This well illustrated book tells the story of the Zeppelin Olympic Flight in 1936 and depicts many illustrations of German cards and covers, also items of Treaty State mail. There are some excellent photographs of the Zeppelin in flight over Berlin, also a map showing the flight's route, a passenger and crew list, a sample menu, a wine list and bar card. The postal regulations are given. Special postmarks are also illustrated.

The British Library - Philatelic collections. A new 16 page brochure giving brief details of the 38 principal and supplementary collections comprising The British Library Philatelic Collections which are the National Philatelic Collections first established in 1891 with the bequest of the Tapling Collection. Details are also given about the extensive display of material from the collections which is on exhibition, plus the research facilities available, the major collection of philatelic literature and the photographic services which are part of the facilities.

Thematic Stamp Catalogue of Scouting, first edition, published by Domfil Groupo Afinsa, Barcelona, Spain. 560 pages, softback.

Lists all the Scouting theme stamps which have been issued throughout the world, together with DOMFIL, Yvert, Michel and Scott reference numbers. Also gives a brief history of Baden Powell and the Scout movement. Full colour illustrations throughout.

British Censorship of Civil Mails During World War I 1914-1919. By Graham Mark FRPSL. Published by The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. 288 pages, card cover.


This book discloses that "the total number of postal packets examined during the period August 1914 to June 1919 was estimated at 630 million of which 1.3 million (0.2%) were detained. Thus the scope of the book is tremendous.

There are chapters on the historical background of mail censorship up to the end of the nineteenth century; the objectives and legal aspects of censorship; mails to and from Enemy Countries; Undercover Mail; Mails from and to Allied Countries in Europe; also to neutral countries in Europe and mails to many other countries in various parts of the world and much more including Censors' Handstamps. The whole book is very well illustrated.

The Hradcany Issue 1918 - 1920 by Robert Bradford. Published by Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Monograph No. 13) 36 pages. When the Czechoslovak Republic was formed in October 1918, the new authority commissioned a well-known artist, Alfons Mucha to design new stamps. These depicted Prague Castle at Hradcany and St. Vitus Cathedral and this monograph is devoted to an in depth study of these stamps. Includes some excellent colour illustrations.

Mails under London by Eur.Ing.L.C.Stanway, BEng, FIMechE. Published by AEPS Publications, Basildon, Essex.


Tells the interesting story of the carriage of the mails on London's underground railways, including the Pneumatic Despatch which entered service in 1853, the Crystal Palace Railway, the Waterloo and Whitehall Railway, the Battersea Demonstration Line and of course the well known Post Office Railway, which initially ran between Euston Station to the North Western District Post Office in Eversholt Street, London. There are many interesting illustrations, the early ones being line drawings, and later actual photographs. Also much detail about the rolling stock, for the author is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer

Bruno Wennerberg 1866-1950. A tribute to his Postcards relating to World War I by Peter Collins. (editor of "Stamp Lover" 1987-1989.) This "undiscovered" book came into our possession as a result of meeting Walter Schmidt of Jacksonville, Oregon USA at Earls Court in May. Walter published this book in America, via his company Cinderella Publications, in December 1991, shortly after Peter Collins died in November 1991. The book tells the story of Wennerberg, a talented artist who was born in Sweden in August 1866 and settled in Bavaria in 1912 where he remained until his death in 1950. The author describes the artist as keeping "his humanity intact, his art form pure and romance alive in a world engulfed in tragedy and pain." There are numerous coloured illustrations of original postcards, which get the message across.

Post-und Telekommunikationsgeschichte published in German by Deutsch Gesellschaft f�r Post- und Telekommunikationsgeschichte e V (DGPT). 168 pages, card cover.

A Waterlow Bibliography (revised edition). Compiled by members of the Waterlow Study Circle.1998.32 pages.

Military Cards and Lettercards of the Exiled Czech Forces in France and Great Britain 1939 - 1945 by V.J.Kralicek and W.A.Page. Monograph no.12. 30 pages, illustrated.

Cyprus - The Large Half Overprints of 1886 by Robin Davis. Published by The Cyprus Study Circle. A4. 14 pages, paper cover.

Italian Postal Stationery Specialised Catalogue 1999 - Italy and ancient states by Franco Filanci and Carlo Sopracordevole. Includes useful articles in English and Italian on postal stationery collecting.

Guatemala Vol.2. The Postal History and Philately. 340 pages by the International Society of Guatemala Collectors, edited by Roland A. Goodman. Deals with postage stamps from 1902 -1971, postal stationery, pioneer and first flights, ambulante markings, fiscal and telegraph stamps. Published 1981.


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