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If you would like to donate any philatelic titles, Michael Bramwell, our Hon Librarian would be very pleased to hear from you via email  

"What's New in the Library" seeks to give an idea of the wide range of subjects covered by philately and philatelic literature, as well as highlighting recent additions to the NPS Library.

The books listed here appeared in previous releases of "New In the Library" and are only are only a small proportion of the philatelic books contained in the NPS Library - to search and browse the listings of over 5,000 philatelic books, plus a wide range of philatelic journals from around the world, click here to visit the NPS Library Books and Periodicals Search Page.

The Provisional Postage Stamps of the Ukraine 1992/6 by Hrhoriy Lobbo, 2nd edition, translated by Andrew O. Martynink. Published by Ukrainian Philatelic Resources. 250 pages, card cover. Following the downfall of the Soviet Union and subsequent rebirth of the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian postage stamp, a short- lived period of provisional postage stamps took place, as described in detail in this book.

Postal Stationery of Pakistan 1967-95 Postal Stationery of Pakistan 1967-95 by Aleem Sendal and Rafig Kasbali. Published by S.K. Publisher, Karachi, Pakistan in 1995. This is a well illustrated book of over 100 pages, card cover.

Cyprus Postal Stationery 1878-2000, 2nd edition by A.C. Ionides and C.J. Podger. Published by the Authors. 256 pages, hardback. Covers a brief postal history of Cyprus specimen rating system, Post Cards, Registered Envelopes, Newspaper wrappers, Air Letters and postal rates.

Brahmini Dawk A history of Postal Communications in Mewar by Radha Krishan Sarwaggi and Madhukar Deonawanka. Published by Madhukar Jhingan, 18 School Lane, New Delhi. 248 pages, hardback. The State of Udaipur or Mewar as it was called, was the only Kingdom that persistently resisted Mogul domination in the 16th century. As the map in this book shows Mewar State is located in Northern India between Pakistan and Nepal

Soruth - Stamps and Postal Historyby R.A.Malaviya. Published by Ravi Prakashan, Junagadh, India. 130 pages, hardback. Soruth was a premier state of Kathiawar - the principal Mohammedan state of Western India. The first postal service was introduced in 1863, primarily to carry official mail, but soon the public were allowed to use the service. The first adhesive postage stamps issued by the state appeared in November 1864 and only a modest number of stamps appeared subsequently. Soruth - Stamps and Postal History

Stampless Mail to and from Scandinavia to 1868 by Gandar A. Hughmark and Don Halpern. Published by Rosetta Stone Press, New Providence, N.J., USA 202 pages, card cover.

Communicaciones v Correos en la Historia de Colombia y Antioquia by M. Arango A. Peinado & J. Santa Maria. 364 pages, hardback, with colour illustrations. In Spanish.

Classical Hungarian Stamps printed in the State Printing House from the beginning of World War I. Published 1996 with English translation. 270 pages hardback, with colour illustrations.

Foreign Post Offices and their cancellations in the Hellenic Territories to 1923. Vol. A, by Alain Nicolas. Published in Athens 1996

The Airmails of Malta - Malta Study Circle Paper no. 29. Published by The Stuart Rossiter Trust. 40 pages A4. spiral bound. An interesting book for collectors of Malta as it gives data on the airfields of Malta from 1916 also early flights and air mail services, the Zeppelin era and wartime airmails plus handstamps, postal markings, airmail adhesives and other useful information. Well illustrated.

Catalogue of the Shades & Printings of the G.B. Edward VII stamps by Trevor I. Harris of the Hendon Stamp Co. 12 pages, plastic spiral binding. Contains much new information, even for specialists, which has never been previously published and is the result of 30 years of original research. Every variety is priced, both unmounted and mounted mint.

The Principality of Serbia - Postal History & Postage Stamps 1830-1882 by Dr V.Kardosch, Switzerland. Published 1996 in English translation, limited edition of 600 copies. 380 pages hardback with many illustrations.

Bull's Eyes on Covers Bull's Eyes on Covers, a story of the first issue of Brazil on covers. Published by Phil & Creativ Gmbp Verlag & Agentur. In English & German, 152 pages, card cover.

De La Rue's Queen Victoria Revenue Heads by Peter F. Mansfield. 24 pages. Paperback. An illustrated study linking Postage with Revenue stamps before 1881. Colour illustrations.

I Knew the Persons by Rex Lin. 178 pages, paperback. Short word sketches of 12 philatelists prominent in Taiwan philately.

A Talk about Fruit by Chin Hsin Lee. Published in Taipei about 1996. 232 pages illustrated. In Chinese.

STAMPAID by Malik Ahmed Omer. Published in the "Young Times", Dubai (UAE) during 1999. 100 pages spiral bound. A collection of articles on stamp collecting for youth.

The Smolensk Region in Philately 1858-1996. A reference book describing postage stamps, artistic envelopes and cards, postmarks from 1858 to 1996, postage stamps, and special postmarks. Dedicated to Yu A. Gagann. In Russian.

Hong Kong Airmails 1924-1941 by Duncan Crewe. Published by the Hong Kong Study Circle. Spiral bound, plastic covers A4 144 pages. This handbook is the result of many years of research. Postage markings are fully covered, including date stamps as cancellations, also Air Mail etiquettes. Many illustrations plus 4 maps and 6 tables.

Hong Kong Airmails 1945-1995 by Nick Halewood. Published by the Hong Kong Study Circle. 64 pages, card cover. This is a checklist, which continues the work of Col. Webb, Fred Rogers and Asthur Glanzmann.

 Hong Kong Airmails 1945-1995

British Levant Study Paper 2 - King Edward VII Issues. Published by GB Overprint Society. 80 pages card cover. An in depth study of these little known issues, following on the first draft of the paper published in 1981. The overprinting work on the GB stamps of the era by De La Rue, Harrison and Somerset House is described and the number of stamps thus overprinted is given. Varieties are listed and some postmark cancellations are illustrated.

Leeward Islands - Notes for Philatelists by Michael Oliver FRPSL. Published by the British West Indies Study Circle. 300 pages, hardback. This book covers the postage stamps and stationery issued between 1890 and 1956, with numerous illustrations and other useful information.
It also gives a brief summary of the postal arrangements from 1840 and tables covering all 90 post offices plus illustrations of 170 postmarks used by them. Postage rates are recorded with tables and lists summarising the minimum rates from 1840.

The RAF Cairo- Baghdad Air Mail Service 1921-1927. A limited edition of 320 copies by William C. Andrews. Published by the British Philatelic Trust. 80 pages, hardback. This book tells the story of the planning and marking of the route. Furrows were ploughed across the sand of the desert to indicate the route to be followed. Following proving flights, it was found that on mail for Baghdad and London there was a saving of 15 days or more by air compared with the sea route. The airmail service for private correspondence was opened to the public between Cairo and Baghdad on 13th October 1921 and the rate was the ordinary Imperial Postage of 3 pence, plus an air fee of one shilling per ounce.

The book contains many illustrations of covers carried and also deals with the extension of the service to Egypt and other countries. Soon Canada and the USA joined the service, but the amount of mail thus carried was small. Overland routes competed, but the Air Mail Service retaliated, by reducing rates on all foreign postal packets. Several pages are devoted to Cachets, Labels, Squadrons and aircraft. Postal rates are also shown.

Rainbow Trials by David Rowse. 180 pages, hardback. Published by GB Philatelic Publications Ltd. The story of how and why the Penny Black changed colour. Soon after the stamp was issued it was reported that the red cancellation marks applied to the stamps when they were used could be removed and stamps used again.

This caused serious concern to Rowland Hill and the Post Office, so a series of "Rainbow Trials" using a variety of colours and shades for the Penny stamp were undertaken. At least 29 different colours were produced and many of these are reproduced in the book. Ultimately it was decided that the penny stamp should be printed in red with black chosen for the obliterator. The book is superbly printed and illustrated throughout and is a fine example of the art of printing.

Joshua Bacon, The Printer of Banknotes and the First Postage Stamp by David Rowse. Published by GB Philatelic Publications Ltd. 74 pages, hardback. The author reports that although Joshua Bacon was central to the events of Perkins Bacon & Co. from the time he joined this firm of printers in 1821 to the time of his death in 1863, very little is known about him, although the firm is still renowned as printer of the Penny Black. Despite this, the author has succeeded in producing a very readable book about Joshua Bacon. It includes his background, his army service when he fought against the English in 1814 and his marriage to Sarah, the younger daughter of Jacob Perkins an inventor and engineer, who took him into partnership in his business then renamed Perkins & Bacon. Jacob Perkins subsequently went to London to seek a contract for printing bank notes and in 1821 summoned Joshua to cross the Atlantic and take charge of the new printing and engraving firm. There are chapters about the trials and tribulations over a period of years and how Rowland Hill attended a meeting with Bacon to see his machinery on 23rd July 1838. The ultimate result was the production of the postage stamp.

United States Stamp Booklets 1999 Postage and Airmail. 190 pages, card cover. Covers all the issues from the first in 1909 to the most recent issues. Well illustrated and a very useful book for collectors of this branch of philately.

British Civilian Postal Rates of the 20th Century by Michael Furfie. Published by the author. 62 pages, card cover. Covers inland rates, foreign surface mail and foreign airmail rates and lists some 5000 basic rates in all.

Egypt Stamps & Postal History, a Philatelic Treatise by Peter A.S. Smith, published by James Bendon Ltd. 880 pages, hardback. A mammoth volume dealing with the post in Egypt from 1798 plus the Foreign Post Offices, from the early issues to the King Farouk definitives. There are chapters on Official stamps, postage dues, airmails and express stamps, plus postal markings, cancellations, postal rates, military and wartime mail, postal stationery, TPOs, meters and mechanical franking.

Postal Stationery of Shanghai and Treaty Ports by S J Kruger & Donald Alexander. Published by Stamp Society Inc. 66 pages, hardback. Covers the period 1873-1895, with postal cards, lettercards, commemorative covers and newspaper wrappers etc. Well illustrated.

Ethiopia 1876-1936. History of stamps and postal history by Robert Sciaky. Published by VACCARI, Vignola, Italy. 220 pages, hardback. Includes a map of the Ethiopian post routes in 1904, chapters on the admission of the country to the UPU in 1908, the provisional surcharges of 1919-1928, the Italian occupation of 1936, postal rates 1895-1936 and much other useful data.

Major Canadian Postage Stamp Errors of the Queen Elizabeth II Era (1953-1996) Part 1 by Joseph Monteiro, edited by Samuel Rock. Published by the Author. Over 200 pages, plus table of contents.

Stamps of Jordan 1920-1965. A philatelic study by Abed Habib Najjar. Published by Sahara Publications Ltd. A limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies. 236 pages, hardback. The main objective of the author is to stimulate interest among collectors in a long neglected area, which is achieved with a profusion of detail and many illustrations in colour.

The Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland. This is a volume in the 6th edition of the American Air Mail Catalogue, published through the sponsorship of the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society and the auspices of the American Air Mail Society. 550 pages, hardback. Many illustrations.

Airmail Operations during World War II by Thomas H. Doyle. Published by the American Air Mail Society. 928 pages. The purpose of the book is to provide information and to show examples of wartime airmail originating in countries militarily involved, occupied by foreign armies and those that remained neutral. Airmail rates are quoted and there are a number of maps. A chapter is devoted to special markings on airmail, such as crash covers, transmission markings and a secret U.S. Censor code.

Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Part 22 - United States, 5th edition. 460 pages, card cover.

Priced Catalogue of New South Wales Revenue & Railway Stamps. Edited by Richard C. Peck and David Ingle Smith. Published by The Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia. 144 pages, comb binding.

Complementos y Entrecintas en los Sellos. Postales Argentinos by Miguel A. Giliberti. Published by Biblioteca del Cronista Filatelico. 112 pages.

Facit Postal VI Catalogue. Published by Facit Forlags A.B. Catalogue of Swedish town cancellations.

Catalogo Enciclopedico de Selos & Historia Postal do Brazil. Published by Editora RHM, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 430 pages.

Norway Number One. The new handbook by Torre G. Jelsvik, 2nd edition. Published by Norsk Filatelistforbund & Filatelistisk Forlag AS Oslo. 128 pages, hardback. All about the first Norwegian stamp issued in 1885. Colour illustrations.

Revenue Stamps & Revenue Stamped Papers in Estonia by Ants Kulo. Published by the International Estonian Philatelic Society in English. 96 pages.

Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue, 2000. 330 pages, card cover.

Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Vol. 4 - QEII Decimal Definitive issues, including stamp booklets. 9th edition, loose leaf.

Joyas del la Filatelia Espanola - Gems of Spanish Philately. Published by Afsina. In Spanish.

The Official Postal Labels of Australia by E.J. Frazer & Robin C. Occelshaw. Published by Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia.

Machine Cancellations on Trinidad & Tobago 1923-1997. De Rijkspost in Limburf by J. Ickewroth.

Notes of the Stamps of Colombian States by Dr Gene Scott.

Peru Postgeschichte und erste Briefmarken by Herbert H. Moll (text in German)

Postsaga Islands 1776-1873 by Heimir Poslifsson

Air Mail Routes and Rates in South America, 1928-1940 by Mario D. Kurchan, FRPSL. Includes information on rates and airlines, with maps and illustrations of covers. Does not include pioneer flights or the Lufthansa Catapult service. The book is divided into sections, firstly with some notes on the airlines, and then by country. Each section is in Spanish followed by an English translation.

The Guide for the Development of Philately. Published by the UPU and the World Association for the Development of Philately. 142 pages. This book is aimed at postal administrations, dealers, agencies and philatelic federations.

Chapter by chapter, it takes the reader through the hobby. There are sections on the emergence of philately, the industry and the philatelic market, all copiously illustrated with graphs and charts. The market is analysed by the age and the purchasing power of collectors and is divided into philatelists, collectors and hoarders. The sections on marketing the products and the attracting of new customers and lapsed collectors are particularly revealing.

The Queen Mother's Centenary - Celebrated in Stamps. By Peter Jennings FRPSL and Tim Graham. Published by Sahara Publications Ltd. 108 pages hardback bound with full colour dustjacket. Tim Graham has recorded with photographs thousands of images of the public role of the Royal Family in more than 100 countries, over a period of nearly 30 years. The book has colour illustrations on almost every page depicting the Queen Mother in her many roles from childhood to her wedding to the Duke of York in 1923, the birth of the Princess Elizabeth In 1926 and her crowning as Queen Consort at the Coronation of her husband His Majesty King George VI in 1937.

British Commonwealth Revenues 6th edition, published May 2000 by J Barefoot Ltd. 270 pages A4 format, illustrated throughout. This catalogue presents in simplified form, all the adhesive revenues of the Commonwealth plus Ireland and some forerunner territories, but excludes Indian States as they are already covered by Koeppel's handbook, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which are listed in Barefoot's "Great Britain Revenues". The details given include watermarks, perforations, colour shades, dates of issue and current prices for used specimens.

Olympia - Fahrt 1936 by John Duggan. Number 6 in the series published by The Zeppelin Study Group. (John Duggan is the author or co-author of all these monographs). 48 pages, card cover. The text is in English and German. This well illustrated book tells the story of the Zeppelin Olympic Flight in 1936 and depicts many illustrations of German cards and covers, also items of Treaty State mail. There are some excellent photographs of the Zeppelin in flight over Berlin, also a map showing the flight's route, a passenger and crew list, a sample menu, a wine list and bar card. The postal regulations are given. Special postmarks are also illustrated.

The British Library - Philatelic collections. A new 16 page brochure giving brief details of the 38 principal and supplementary collections comprising The British Library Philatelic Collections which are the National Philatelic Collections first established in 1891 with the bequest of the Tapling Collection. Details are also given about the extensive display of material from the collections which is on exhibition, plus the research facilities available, the major collection of philatelic literature and the photographic services which are part of the facilities.

Thematic Stamp Catalogue of Scouting, first edition, published by Domfil Groupo Afinsa, Barcelona, Spain. 560 pages, softback.

Lists all the Scouting theme stamps which have been issued throughout the world, together with DOMFIL, Yvert, Michel and Scott reference numbers. Also gives a brief history of Baden Powell and the Scout movement. Full colour illustrations throughout.

British Censorship of Civil Mails During World War I 1914-1919. By Graham Mark FRPSL. Published by The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund. 288 pages, card cover.


This book discloses that "the total number of postal packets examined during the period August 1914 to June 1919 was estimated at 630 million of which 1.3 million (0.2%) were detained. Thus the scope of the book is tremendous.

There are chapters on the historical background of mail censorship up to the end of the nineteenth century; the objectives and legal aspects of censorship; mails to and from Enemy Countries; Undercover Mail; Mails from and to Allied Countries in Europe; also to neutral countries in Europe and mails to many other countries in various parts of the world and much more including Censors' Handstamps. The whole book is very well illustrated.

The Hradcany Issue 1918 - 1920 by Robert Bradford. Published by Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Monograph No. 13) 36 pages. When the Czechoslovak Republic was formed in October 1918, the new authority commissioned a well-known artist, Alfons Mucha to design new stamps. These depicted Prague Castle at Hradcany and St. Vitus Cathedral and this monograph is devoted to an in depth study of these stamps. Includes some excellent colour illustrations.

Mails under London by Eur.Ing.L.C.Stanway, BEng, FIMechE. Published by AEPS Publications, Basildon, Essex.


Tells the interesting story of the carriage of the mails on London's underground railways, including the Pneumatic Despatch which entered service in 1853, the Crystal Palace Railway, the Waterloo and Whitehall Railway, the Battersea Demonstration Line and of course the well known Post Office Railway, which initially ran between Euston Station to the North Western District Post Office in Eversholt Street, London. There are many interesting illustrations, the early ones being line drawings, and later actual photographs. Also much detail about the rolling stock, for the author is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer

Bruno Wennerberg 1866-1950. A tribute to his Postcards relating to World War I by Peter Collins. (editor of "Stamp Lover" 1987-1989.) This "undiscovered" book came into our possession as a result of meeting Walter Schmidt of Jacksonville, Oregon USA at Earls Court in May. Walter published this book in America, via his company Cinderella Publications, in December 1991, shortly after Peter Collins died in November 1991. The book tells the story of Wennerberg, a talented artist who was born in Sweden in August 1866 and settled in Bavaria in 1912 where he remained until his death in 1950. The author describes the artist as keeping "his humanity intact, his art form pure and romance alive in a world engulfed in tragedy and pain." There are numerous coloured illustrations of original postcards, which get the message across.

Post-und Telekommunikationsgeschichte published in German by Deutsch Gesellschaft für Post- und Telekommunikationsgeschichte e V (DGPT). 168 pages, card cover.

A Waterlow Bibliography (revised edition). Compiled by members of the Waterlow Study Circle.1998.32 pages.

Military Cards and Lettercards of the Exiled Czech Forces in France and Great Britain 1939 - 1945 by V.J.Kralicek and W.A.Page. Monograph no.12. 30 pages, illustrated.

Cyprus - The Large Half Overprints of 1886 by Robin Davis. Published by The Cyprus Study Circle. A4. 14 pages, paper cover.

Italian Postal Stationery Specialised Catalogue 1999 - Italy and ancient states by Franco Filanci and Carlo Sopracordevole. Includes useful articles in English and Italian on postal stationery collecting.

Guatemala Vol.2. The Postal History and Philately. 340 pages by the International Society of Guatemala Collectors, edited by Roland A. Goodman. Deals with postage stamps from 1902 -1971, postal stationery, pioneer and first flights, ambulante markings, fiscal and telegraph stamps. Published 1981.


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